About us

Ever since I was a kid, I have been drawn to nature – the great outdoors, and therefore travelling and camping.  Around 12 years old my interest turned to bicycles and then at 18 to motorcycles to complete this outdoor attraction.

It is therefore natural that, over the past few years, I have been going on vacation with friends on motorcycles and camping with family in order to discover new horizons.  In the beginning, the preparation of the motorcycles and the trip was a bit folkloric: taking all your camping gear with you while keeping your bike safe and agile is no easy task.  Plus, we spent more time on boring highways and national roads to get to our destination than winding back roads with beautiful scenery.  During this time the miles went by, fatigue set in, refueling and tolls kept rolling and tires worn out.  The obvious question arose: how could we make journeys less painful and take full advantage of the stay there?

By transporting our motorcycles on a trailer rather than riding them!  This is how we left for our next 3 motorcycle trips during the following years.  Then a few years ago, we’ve had the idea of transforming the frame into a tent trailer in order to improve our sleeping comfort and increase the living space in comparison to a simple tent.

But what were we supposed to do with a tent trailer at home that would only be dedicated to motorcycles?  We decided to make it multipurpose.  We were able to make this tent trailer useful on multiple occasions:  We used it as a compact tent trailer for weekends and vacations with family and friends; but also as a tent trailer allowing us to bring on holidays bicycles, paddles, canoe-kayaks, motorcycles, quad bikes, paramotors, and so much more.  On top of that, we kept on using it throughout the year for green waste transport and house moving as  a sturdy trailer – Our tent trailer was fully able to transform as desired

Thanks to my education as an engineer specialized in mechanics and our numerous calculations and sketches, the multipurpose FlexCampers tent trailer was born!

Available in several sizes and customizable according to your needs and wishes, we are happy to be able to share our passion with you.



Your adaptive tent trailer